Hello world, my name is Michael and I am a student from Canada!


PiccaPixel started as a means to combine my love of photography with a passion for travelling. The name PiccaPixel is derived from Piccadilly Circus, a famous square in London where I first had the idea of starting a blog. I happened to spend a lot of time in this area while attending university in England. It was this point in my life where I developed an addiction to roaming the world, searching for the most picturesque locations to hone my craft. Living in England and travelling Europe would provide me with valuable experience, moulding me into the photographer and traveller I am today. I would eventually begin to sell prints of my work, while also giving tips to friends and peers concerning travel.


I love to chat about travel with anyone! This site was created to reach a larger audience and help individuals like myself achieve their aspirations of travelling.  I will share my firsthand experiences with the world in hopes of encouraging others to follow dreams of exploring every corner of the earth. Follow my blog to learn from my mistakes and triumphs. I will post reviews, lists, insider tips and tell you the most amazing places to travel.


Thank you for visiting,