Casa Loma

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Casa Loma BlogCasa Loma is a Gothic Revival style mansion located just a short subway ride from Downtown Toronto. The house was constructed over 100 years ago by Sir Henry Pellatt, a hydro-electricity mogul. During the Great Depression, the property switched hands a couple times and was eventually seized by the city of Toronto. It is now a top ranked museum and wedding venue. In my opinion, Casa Loma is the most visually appealing landmark in all of Toronto and holds some tremendous history.

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Casa Loma is very accessible from Downtown Toronto. I highly recommend using the subway, it’s a surefire way to reach this landmark in a time efficient manner. Take the northbound train and exit when you reach Dupont Station. From here, you’ll walk approximately 10 minutes to Casa Loma. If there’s some time to spare, take a little detour through Spadina Park and climb the Baldwin Steps. Fans of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World will recognize this area and Casa Loma itself from scenes of the film adaptation.

Upon arrival at Casa Loma, show your CityPass and skip the ticket queue. Now you’re free to explore the building and grounds with freedom. There are a few administrative areas, but the majority of rooms are accessible to everyone! Most people cite their highlight as the conservatory which features a beautiful stained glass ceiling. There are a couple secret passages as well. It was difficult keeping track of which rooms I still needed to visit when I was randomly appearing in different areas. Last but not least, the gardens offer a different vantage point of Casa Loma and a stunning view of Toronto. It’s the perfect area to relax and take a couple selfies.

Thanks for reading my Casa Loma blog post! I’m not going to spoil any more of the experience. If you’re visiting Toronto, make sure that you don’t miss Casa Loma.
Stained Glass
Looking up in the conservatory.

Casa Loma View
Amazing view with the CN Tower in the background.

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