Hiroshima City Guide

On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was the first city targeted by a nuclear warhead. Pay your respects to those lost by visiting Peace Memorial Park and Museum. In present times, the city has become a worldwide symbol of peace and hope. Hiroshima is a must see destination in Japan and you will be amazed at how quickly the area has recovered. My Hiroshima City Guide will detail the best use of your time. 

After seeing all the places Hiroshima has to offer, Miyajima makes a perfect day trip. The island is famous for its large torii gate, appearing as though it is floating in the water. It was one of my favourite views in all of Japan! You can also attempt to climb Mount Misen, the island’s highest mountain. If you’re feeling lazy, take the cable car up and bask in the area’s amazing landscape.

Hiroshima Peace Park and Museum

Hiroshima Peace Park

The main reason to visit Hiroshima is the Peace Park and museum. Wander around the grounds, stopping to pay your respect at the Memorial Cenotaph and Children’s Peace Monument. You’ll find thousands of paper cranes that honour the life of Sadako Sasaki, an innocent victim of nuclear warfare. Last but not least, take some time to reflect and refresh your knowledge about the horrific events within the museum.


Day Trip to Miyajima

Miyajima Day trip from hiroshima

Miyajima is one of Japan’s most picturesque locations. Spend some time viewing the floating torii gate before venturing into Itsukushima Shrine. During low tide, you walk up to the gate itself where one can truly appreciate its sheer size! If you have time, climbing to the top of Mount Misen yields amazing vantage points of the surrounding areas.


Hiroshima Castle

Hiroshima Castle
Photo by kmf164 via Flickr

Hiroshima Castle was destroyed by the atomic bomb in 1945. The reconstruction is beautiful and offers a great view over the city. This attraction is perfect for those who have just visited Peace Park and is on the JR Hiroshima Sightseeing Bus.


Attend a Hiroshima Carp Game

Hiroshima Carp
Photo by Ryosuke Yagi via Flickr

For a baseball fan, attending a Hiroshima Carp game will be quite the experience. The locals are huge supporters of the team and you’ll find this out within minutes of arriving in the city. If you have an afternoon to spare, this is the perfect option.


  1. Backpackers Hostel K’s House Hiroshima – Part of the popular hostel chain and my first choice of accommodations. You can always expect great service from this company!
  2. Hiroshima Hana Hostel – A comfortable hostel in an awesome location, just minutes away from Hiroshima Station. Plenty of private rooms at a reasonable price.


  1. Sheraton Grand Hiroshima Hotel – Great location just one minute away from Hiroshima Station. It offers 4 dining options, an indoor pool and a fitness centre.
  2. Crowne Plaza ANA Hiroshima – Situated close to Peace Park, you’ll love being in the middle of Hiroshima’s tourist area. The hotel offers multiple dining options, a pool and health center.

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Great: March – May

Beginning in mid-March, temperatures start climbing towards comfortable levels and the probability of rain is fairly low. There is a large variation in temperature, but you can expect between 8-25°C during these transitionary months. Depending on weather conditions, March and April are when cherry blossoms start to paint certain areas a vibrant pink. It is generally a crapshoot and prices are high, but the beauty of cherry blossom season is unparalleled. 

Great: September – October

Temperatures during September and October start to cool and the probability of rain lowers significantly. Tourists flock to Japan for a stunning display of fall colours that turn the countryside beautiful shades of red and orange.

Okay: December – February

Sure it’s colder, but the temperatures generally don’t go below 0°C. In addition, there will be fewer crowds and the prices reach a yearly low. This can be a great option for travellers looking to visit Japan on a tight budget.

Bad: June – August

There really is no bad time to visit Hiroshima, but there are some drawbacks to visiting during summer months. For example, the temperatures routinely reach the 30s and rain can be problematic. You’ll also have to deal with large crowds and high prices for accommodations.