Moss Landing Sea Otters

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Sea Otter RaftOnce pushed to the brink of extinction, the population of Sea Otters has rebounded considerably in modern times. However, the species is still at risk and falls under the conservation status of endangered. If you’re looking hoping to view these animals in the wild, your best option is to visit the Moss Landing sea otters. The area offers a sheltered cove and plenty of food for these fun loving creatures.


Moss Landing State Beach

Moss Landing State BeachMoss Landing State Beach is the place you’ll want to start looking for sea otters. Some people have reported having seen upwards of 100 floating around the cove. In my experience, there were approximately 30 sea otters and they stuck together in large groups. Moreover, these animals make a lot of noise and you may be able to hear them from far away. The sound comes from sea otters bashing shells against the rocks they keep on their stomach. With an ability to use such tools, the level of intelligence these creatures exhibit is astounding!


In hindsight, it would’ve been awesome to have rented a kayak. The otters congregated around the middle of this cove, which is a considerable distance from my camera! There were two kayakers who managed to get pretty close to these miraculous animals. From 20 feet away these people had the opportunity to capture some outstanding images. For land-dwellers like me, I had to be extremely patient and wait for the otters to drift closer towards me. These are the best shots I took:

Pictures of the Moss Landing Sea Otters

Moss Landing Sea Otters

Sea Otters Moss Landing


I had a really great time photographing the sea otters of Moss Landing. It was a tremendous experience viewing such intelligent animals in their natural environment. In addition, I could see that some of the animals were tagged. Conservation efforts have been instrumental in helping this species bounce back from the brink of extinction. It’s reassuring to see the work is not over and that people are devoted to protecting this magnificent species. In summary, visiting the Moss Landing sea otters is a can’t miss experience for those in the Monterey area.

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