Royal Ontario Museum

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ROM ExteriorWelcome to PiccaPixel’s Royal Ontario Museum blog entry! Most prefer to call this attraction the ROM. It’s the largest museum in Canada and features a collection surpassing 6,000,000 pieces. The building contains three main levels which focus on art, world culture and natural history. I have visited the ROM many times, but my latest trip lasted approximately four hours. In most cases, people need at least three hours to explore this museum in its entirety. With this in mind, it’s best to allocate a half-day on your Toronto itinerary.

A helpful reminder: The Royal Ontario museum is part of the Toronto City Pass! It allowed me to skip the queue for tickets, which I think would have taken at least 15 minutes.

Level 1

The Royal Ontario Museum Blog Level OneThe first floor features a wing containing artifacts from Korea, China and Japan. I loved this area’s compact design and diverse selection of objects on display. From small ceramics to life-sized statues, the level of detail is astounding when you consider the level of tools these craftspeople were using at the time. In addition, the opposite end of this floor features exhibits on Canada’s First Nations.

Chinese art and sculptures.
Royal Ontario Museum Blog Chinese Architecture
Chinese architecture on display.

Level 2

Royal Ontario Museum Blog Natural HistoryLevel two houses the most popular exhibit which display dinosaur and mammal fossils. Considering the dozens of kids running around, I’m pleasantly surprised that I managed to get pictures with no people in them! This floor also includes a large collection of bird taxidermy and a section devoted to animals which are at risk of extinction. Last but not least, “Earth’s Treasures” does not get any love but I thought it was extremely fascinating. If you are interested in rocks or gemstones this section is a can’t miss.

Royal Ontario Museum Blog T-Rex

Level 3

Royal Ontario Museum Blog Level 3On the third floor, you’ll have the opportunity to see artifacts spanning humanity’s history. From Europe to Africa, pretty much every geographical area is covered in some aspect. In my opinion, the most interesting areas include Egypt, Rome and Greece. A lot of people stop at the second floor, so you may have whole sections to yourself!

Royal Ontario Museum Blog Mosiac
This beautiful mosaic is one of the many items on display within Level 3.


The ROM is a world-class museum which is both a fun and educational experience. People often complain about the lack of an iconic centerpiece, however, I argue that the collection’s diversity overrides this issue. With thousands of items on display from different subjects of interest, you’re guaranteed to learn something new. I highly recommend taking a few hours to explore Canada’s largest museum, you won’t regret it.

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