Shibuya Crossing

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Shibuya Crossing
A mass of pedestrians crossing at Shibuya.


Known as “The Scramble”, Shibuya Crossing is said to be the busiest intersection in the world. As you can see from my picture above, hundreds and sometimes over a thousand people will be crossing from every direction with each light change. I recommend going to Shibuya as your first activity in Tokyo, it is the best way to begin a journey through Japan’s urban jungle. The masses of people dodging each other while crossing the intersection is crazy to watch and comprehend, but the process remains orderly and efficient, a truly accurate symbol of Tokyo.


After experiencing the “Scramble” for yourself, Starbucks offers a good view of Shibuya Crossing. Grab a coffee and find a seat by the windows, snapping pictures and taking videos of the action below. ┬áVisiting before rush hour can be a good time to find a great seat and there will soon be thousands of people crossing the intersection! For some odd reason, this Starbucks location is always steaming HOT, its best to wear layers so you can sit comfortably in the heat.


Shibuya offers some incredible opportunities to shop and eat. Everywhere you turn there are┬árestaurants that range from 100 yen noodles to the finest gourmet. Shoppers will find a plethora of big brands and department stores where they can spend to their heart’s content. Lastly, you’ll want to stop by the Hachiko Statue, a tribute to a dog known the world over for his unwavering loyalty.

Hachiko Statue Shibuya Crossing
The world renowned Hachiko Statue, just 100 feet away from Shibuya Crossing.


Thanks for reading my blog entry on Shibuya Crossing, be sure to check out my Tokyo City Guide and Japan Travel Guide.



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