Yokohama Day Trip from Tokyo

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Yokohama Day Trip from Tokyo
View from the Sky Garden Observatory

Yokohama Day Trip from Tokyo

Tired of the big city and looking to escape Tokyo for a few hours? Yokohama represents the perfect day trip for people looking to unwind and relax. Shop to your heart’s content, take a ride on the Cosmo Clock and chow down in Chinatown. I loved everything about my Yokohama day trip from Tokyo and it offered a nice change of pace.


The bulk of your time in Yokohama will be spent exploring the Minato Mirai area. I would recommend wandering through Cosmo World and the surrounding boardwalk. You may have seen pictures of the famous Cosmo Clock 21, an integral part of the city’s skyline. The iconic Ferris Wheel offers a bird’s eye view of Minato Mirai and Yokohama. I also chose to sit back and relax at Starbucks, watching the wheel spin round and round. Make sure you visit on a day where the park is operating, check the schedule at the bottom of this page. There is no entrance fee to Cosmo World. You must pay per ride, with prices ranging from 300-800 yen.  


Minato Mirai offers excellent shopping, with four malls in close proximity of each other. Queen’s Square, Landmark Plaza, World Porters and Red Brick Warehouses offer a diverse selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment. You could easily spend all day in these shopping centers. If you want to try something different, experience the Cup Noodles Museum and learn about the food’s fascinating history!


My favourite part about visiting Yokohama was the Sky Garden Observatory. Venture inside the Landmark Tower and take what was once the fastest elevator in the world. Views from the top are incredible and make for a great photo opportunity. I find that the city looks more vibrant at night, with Cosmo World glowing all different colours.


I would recommend having dinner in Chinatown. Take a cab or use the subway to get there. Eat some street food before venturing into a sit-down restaurant, the more off the beaten path the better! Interiors are scattered with autographs of famous people who have visited and enjoyed the food.


Yokohama will leave you refreshed and relaxed, in the proper state of mind to tackle the rest of Tokyo. I would highly recommend this city for a nice change of pace and an opportunity to shop. Photographers will love Yokohama’s unique skyline and colours, along with the many angles you can shoot from. If I could choose one city in Japan to live, it would be Yokohama!


You should visit Yokohama to:

  • Escape the hustle and bustle of Tokyo for a day
  • Photograph a beautiful cityscape
  • Sample “hole in the wall” Chinese restaurants
  • Enjoy a diverse shopping experience


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